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If you’ve been referred to our office, you already know of Dr. Tilden’s expertise. He graduated from University of Illinois College of Dentistry with Honors and belongs to a prestigious dental-study group. His study group brings in experts from all over the country to  discuss the highest quality and most recent technology in implants and cosmetic restorations. His reputation and commitment to the Chicago land area has exceeded thirty years of service. Dr. Tilden has just accepted a position as "Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor" for University of Illinois College of Dentistry.  This position allows him to extend his vast knowledge & expertise to the students of U of I at Goldie's Place, which assists patients who are homeless and are in need of dental care. Giving back to the community is essential. Check out our
Charity page,
see bottom of this page.

Cosmetic dentistry has many innovative options. Dr. Tilden would be happy to help you decide what best enhances your lifestyle.

Dr. Tilden believes that quality dentistry requires adequate time and attention to detail; therefore, our office only schedules one patient at a time.

Brindell Tilden is Dr. Tilden’s wife of Twenty six years.   She has been the Business Manager for over 20 years.  Her experience is vast.  She worked for Channel 44, Katz Television, WRLH-TV35, Blair Entertainment and Samuel Goldwyn Entertainment.   She has brought to our office great customer service--service we all should be getting from all businesses that we frequent.

Dr. Tilden’s terrific team of hygienists and dental assistants want to welcome you with their winning smiles and compassionate hearts.

You will love our easy access office.  Close to Michigan Avenue, Lake Shore Drive, Streeterville area.

Technical update: 
We are excited by all of the advanced dental technology that we have added to our reliable and proven technology. Our patients love their unbreakable Cerec restorations made with the new Cad-cam technology.

For prevention, we’ve added digital radiology, which shows the slightest cavity before it becomes a big problem.  We fix it while it’s small using very small microdrills. Also, digital x-rays require much less radiation exposure than regular x-rays.

Our hygienists use another early cavity detecting device (laser technology). It detects cavities in areas that don’t show up in the x-rays.

We also use a different type of laser for soft tissue surgery, bacterial decontamination, and eradication of herpes lesions.  So if you get cold sores and don’t want to suffer with the pain for two weeks; just come in and let us zap it with the laser (painless procedure). Most of the pain from the sore will be gone; and it will heal faster.

Dr. Tilden’s dental study club celebrated 25 years together.  They have met six times a year for all these years bringing in the best dental clinicians to speak to their group in order to keep abreast of new techniques and trends in dentistry. Usually, two of the meetings are all day, hands-on seminars where they actually work on tooth models and practice some new tecnique with new materials. This constant continuing education keeps your doctor sharp and up to the minute. In fact, the topic at a recent seminar was about the HPV (human cervical cancer virus), A New Concern for Dentistry.  There are over 40,000 oral cancer cases a year; and the fastest growing oral cancer population is the 18-40 year olds with no history of smoking, alcohol or chewing tobacco.  This HPV virus is being found in 25% of the oral cancers & 35% of the throat cancers and seems to be related to the number of lifetime oral sex partners one has. We will be offering a new 3--minute simple & painless oral cancer screening test that will detect ALL types of oral cancers at the earliest stage. Obviously, early detection results in less invasive treatment later. You will be hearing about this test from the hygienist; and we hope you will take advantage of it. Our entire staff has taken the test; and we were all negative.
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