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Porcelain Veneers

Veneers in Chicago at Tilden Dental Group 

For a bright, uniform smile, veneers provide our patients with the smiles of their dreams. Drs. Jordan and Zachary Tilden of Tilden Dental Group are committed to conservative dental treatments to enhance the appearance of patients’ smiles using natural-looking prosthetics. Whether you are interested in correcting one or more damaged or stained teeth, veneers create confident smiles without extensive or invasive procedures.

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Benefits of Veneers

Made using porcelain, which is known for its luminosity and resemblance to natural teeth, veneers mask aesthetic issues with your smile. As a minimally invasive option to achieve whiter, healthier looking smiles, veneers are recommended by our Chicago dentists for patients who are experiencing the following concerns:

Discoloration and Staining
            Although stained or discolored teeth can be treated with whitening products, some stains may be more difficult to whiten than others. Intrinsic stains caused by previous dental trauma or medication make the teeth appear dulled and grey. Thinning enamel due to age can also result in a less than white smile. By covering these stains, veneers restore teeth and allow them to appear brighter and healthier.

Worn Down Teeth
            Teeth can become uneven in height due to constant chewing, biting, and teeth grinding. Instead of a rounded look, teeth can appear small, flat, and will lose some of their opacity over time. Veneers create a balanced, uniform smile and are customized to look like your natural teeth.
            Fractured or cracked teeth result in an unappealing aesthetic. Veneers restore damaged teeth, making them appear healthy and whole once again.

Veneers at Tilden Dental Group

Drs. Jordan and Zachary Tilden create custom cosmetic dental plans using veneers to enhance patients’ smiles and support natural-looking results. During your consultation, we have an in-depth conversation to address your concerns and ask which teeth you would like to restore. Our Chicago veneers are made of porcelain and require minimal prep. We focus on preserving the natural structures of the teeth and remove as little enamel as possible.

Our veneer placement philosophy caters to each patient’s individual smile. We show patients potential results of their treatment, whether using one veneer or eight to meet their expectations.

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Our welcoming Chicago dentists and staff are dedicated to providing cosmetic dental treatment with veneers to restore patients’’ confidence in their smiles. For more information about veneers, contact our Streeterville dental practice today!